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Mixing and Matching Dining Chairs In A Coastal Modern Style

When it comes to choosing dining tables and chairs, you have an overwhelming amount of options, making it hard to make a choice. A wise way to narrow down your search is to decide whether you want all your chairs to match or have different side and head chairs. You can also go eclectic with a mishmash of all chairs. By mixing and matching side chairs with head chairs, you can do a little extra to the space by making it appear more polished and tailored.

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How To Mix Dining Side Chairs And Head Chairs

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to mixing different dining chairs, keeping in mind a few methods and guidelines can help. It is hard to pull off a look where there is no matching unless you are careful about:

  • Making sure the dining chairs have something in common to unify them
  • Employing different materials that distinguish the side chairs from the head chairs
  • The head chairs must be a little grander than the side chairs
  • Either keep the heights of all the chairs the same or have taller head chairs

Give The Dining Chairs Something In Common

To create more cohesion, the head chairs and side chairs must share a similar characteristic, color, or finish. They can either have gentle curves to their frames or have matching colors and wood finishing. Be mindful of what unifies these chair pairs so that you are able to make them appear cohesive.

Use Different Materials To Help Set The Head Chairs Apart

You might think it is the opposite of what is written at the beginning, but it is not. If you want the head chairs to be different, you would have to give them some oomph – something that makes them look different from the side chairs. You can do so by choosing a different material than the one you are using for the side chairs.

Selecting A Grand Head Chair

If you wish to make a statement, you have to make the head chairs appear grander than the rest. It helps in giving a glam factor and creates a more lux look. The padded seats and stunning taupe velvet chairs with fluted wood accents at the head are ideal for creating a classic look. They create a dining table portraying luxury and sophistication.

Keep the height of the head chairs the same height or taller

Height should never be overlooked when shopping for dining tables and chairs. You have to make sure that the height of the chair in relation to the table is perfect for you. The height difference has an effect on the overall look as well as your comfort.

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